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Skyline SMS Is Best IVR Service Provider in Delhi

Skyline SMS is india's largest IVR Service Provider in Delhi India that has a wide range of packages. The IVR Service provider in Delhi states that Interactive Voice response technology, also known as IVR, is a technology that lets pre-recorded voice to interact with humans via voice and DTMF tones input through the keyboard. It means when you call the voice on the other end will be pre-recorded. You can also use the numbers on your keyboard to create a specific outcome.


Types of IVR System


Single level IVR:

It is one of the most accessible forms of IVR. Under this level, you can only add one level of IVR to the call process. This level is perfect for those cases where one input is enough to call an agent or drop a message


Multi-level IVR:

Within an IVR, you can add multi-level IVR. At times it is challenging to add messy IVR feature a 0-9 prompt. In such cases, you can use IVR multi-levels in your call process to make the workflow easy.


How Can Businesses Use IVR Services?


Personalization the personalization feature of IVR, the company can decide what the customers can hear. For example, if the client is the first-time caller, then the company can choose to play a unique greeting than the one played for regular callers. Customization plays a crucial role because it lets your clients listen to important information.


Collect feedback IVR technology plays a significant role in gathering feedback from clients, which can be later used to enhance the customer experience.


Available 24*7 Though not all companies have 24*7 customer care support by implementing IVR, they can stay connected with customers anytime. For instance, companies can play an IVR that states that the office is shut, and these are the working hours. This will make it easier for customers to call back during working hours.


Improves customer interaction IVR technology makes it a point that customers speak to the right person who can solve their queries. Thus, IVR must be implemented by all businesses.



Features of IVR System

Monthly - 2000 Rs
Quaterly - 5000 Rs


Half Yearly - 8000 Rs


Yearly - 15000 Rs
Satisfied Clients
Repeat Sales
Refered Sales
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