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Transactional Bulk SMS Service in Delhi

Skyline SMS is a largest company india that offeing cheapest price Transactional Bulk SMS Service in Delhi ncr with the powerful api and support service. We are always trying to provide high priotiry sms gateway that send your sms to the receipt instantly. Our sms service is beneficial for all sizes of business and our sms gateway give permission to user send thousands of sms in simple steps. Bulk SMS is one of the top possible ways to reach out maximum numbers of people through the promotional and transactional sms. It is help to send latest and update information to your customer mobile inbox about your product or services.

Promotional Vs Transactional SMS Service : Quick Brief

These days, each one of us wishes to quit receiving unwanted messages. On the other hand, do not want to miss out on essential announcements that include PNR number, financial institution balance, order details, etc. One gets picked messages instead of unnecessary messages that contain only marketing messages. Here comes the transactional SMS gateway for rescue. As a pioneered Transactional SMS Providerlet us help you understand how it is different from Promotional Bulk SMS services.

The most effective part of these messages is that they are not promotional messages. These are messages sent to the client to pass on information necessary regarding their services. The primary advantage of these services is that they provide details to all those who have turned on the do not disturb (DND) option.

Difference between Promotional or Transactional SMS

The formal difference between them is that the former is used for advertising goods and services. Once the customer has activated "do not disturb," users will not receive any service messages. However, the latter is used for delivering vital details to the users, like financial institutions' messages. To inform the client concerning their bank balance or messages sent by on the eCommerce sites disclosing the product dispatch details. And these messages are supplied even to those customers who have turned on do not disturb services. It is the most critical use of these Transactional SMS Gateway.

Bulk SMs Features

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Registration Required for Sending any Promotional Transactional SMS
  • User Friendly Interface

  • Highest Delivery Ratio

  • 160 Character for 1 SMS

  • Best Price Gurantee

  • Multiple Premium Route

  • Multi Language Support

  • Neat & Clean Delivery Report

  • 24*7 Online Panel

  • 100% Support For DLT

Top-Notch Transactional Bulk SMS Service

Frequently Asked Questions

About Transactional SMS Service


  • Delivering urgent messages to individuals ends up being a lot easier through these transactional SMS as they have 100% immediate delivery.
  • Transactional SMS provider can help you send it anytime and anywhere without any time or location constraint.
  • Transactional SMS provider can help you send it anytime and anywhere without any time or location constraint.
  • High delivery rate, Real-time SMS delivery report and Rapid SMS delivery.

    Transactional SMS is a simple secure and fast non-marketing text message method that the companies uses to inform thier customers about the shipping updates, order confirmations, welcome messages and any transcation opt.

    Educational messages Educate parents as well as trainees concerning availability, fees as well as other pertinent information.

    Confidential financial information Educate the customer about payment details and money transfer.

    Ecommerce information Details about order confirmation, order shipment and order return. These are used by on-line purchasing applications that maintain updating the customer regarding product distribution.


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