Whatsapp SMS Service in Delhi

Whatsapp SMS Provider in Delhi

Whatsapp sms has become a very popular marketing tool, so every small big company wants to use this service to promote their product and service. If you also want to use Whatsapp SMS Provider in Delhi then buy it now from Sky Line SMS. We are the leading mobile marketing company that presenting whatsapp sms service at very affordable price..


If you are inclined to unleash the hidden potential of Whatsapp marketing service. We provide you the way. We make a whole new channel for you to achieve your targeted clients. We design your own Whatsapp using highly advanced mobile marketing and advertising techniques got to experience. Presently our advertising service supports languages such as English and Hindi. Our Whatsapp advertising is acceptable for communicating all kinds of message formats including, text, video, graphics, and GIFs. Whatsapp has global accessibility. Whatsapp includes a worldwide user base thus looking for a targeted client on Whatsapp is rather simple. Its worldwide presence will undoubtedly allow you to present your product and service a broad user acceptance. Unlike another form of traditional marketing, Whatsapp enables message sending with great length accompanied by pictures, audios, and videos.


Features of Whatsapp SMS Service


● Ease of Use ● No particular setup of tools and plug-in required ● Available on each of mobile platforms ● An exciting reason that adds power to the Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is its readiness


Whatsapp is readily available across all of the mobile platforms available for example android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows. If you are one of those smartest entrepreneurs who have a knack for marketing technology, then being the best Whatsapp SMS Provider, we can assist you at every step. Let us help you build your marketing strategy without costing you a fortune.


Our SMS Gateway Advantage


  • White Label Gateway

  • Multi Language Option

  • Delivery Tracking Management

  • Best Price Guaranteed

  • Multiple Routes Option

  • Copy & Paste, CSV or TXT Upload

  • Auto Remove Duplicate Number

  • 100% Control Panel

  • Selected Sender ID Approval

Whatsapp SMS Packages

  Plan Rate Amount Tax Validity Total Inc. Tax Pay Now
  5,000 SMS 0.23 1150/- 207/- 3 Month 1357/- Pay Now
  10,000 SMS 0.21 210/- 378/- 3 Month 2478/- Pay Now
  25,000 SMS 0.19 4750/- 855/- 6 Month 5605/- Pay Now
  50,000 SMS 0.17 8500/- 1530/- 1 Year 10030- Pay Now
  1 Lac SMS 0.15 15000/- 2700/- 1 Year 17700- Pay Now
  3 Lac SMS 0.13 39000/- 7020/- 1 Year 46020- Pay Now
  5 Lac SMS 0.12 60000/- 10800/- 1 Year 70800- Pay Now

WhatsApp Features

  • 100% Delivery on WhatsApp Number
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Maximum 1500 Character for 1 SMS
  • 4 Images Send in 1 SMS
  • 1 PDF Send in 1 SMS
  • 1 Video Send in 1 SMS
  • Image formate is .jpg, .png
  • Whatsapp SMS Send 10 AM to 5 PM
  • 30 Minute to 5 Hours minimum time to deliver whatsapp sms.
  • User Friendly Gateway

Whatsapp SMS Service in Delhi

Sky Line SMS is one of the best whatsapp sms provider company in Delhi India. Whatsapp sms marketing is allow to promoting your product or services in globally. It is a very new and innovative method of mobile marketing. Our whatsapp sms gateway support to different language and multimedia files. We are offering whatsapp sms in all major cities in India.

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