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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Haryana

If you are looking for the best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Haryana then you are stop at the right place. Now in your mind have some important questions regarding to sms marketing like how to send sms, cost of sms, how to get sender id and dlt registration. Our team will provide complete information about all thinks. We provide an advanced technology web-based sms gateway for sending promotional and transactional message to targeting audience. The mainly two types of sms services which are companies used for sending message to receptors.

Types of Bulk SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS: Promotional sms is affordable and user-friendly tool that makes your marketing more effective. by using our promotional sms service companies can send regular offers, promo codes, events, new product launch, upcoming sale messages to targeting audience. its really helpful to engaging new customers. According to the TRAI guidelines, the promotional sms is delivered only on non-dnd numbers at day time.

Promotional Bulk SMS: Transactional sms is a simple and secure way for businesses to send important information to customers through text messages. Businesses can integration transational SMS API in their software and any CRM. It is a completely pre-define and automated process at as well user-end. By using our transactional sms, user can informed to their customers on time while they made a purchase, booked a flight, or scheduled an appointment etc.

Best Bulk SMS Company in Haryana


Different Industries Use Bulk SMS Marketing


Bulk SMs Features

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Registration Required for Sending any Promotional Transactional SMS
  • User Friendly Interface

  • Highest Delivery Ratio

  • 160 Character for 1 SMS

  • Best Price Gurantee

  • Multiple Premium Route

  • Multi Language Support

  • Neat & Clean Delivery Report

  • 24*7 Online Panel

  • 100% Support For DLT

Promotional SMS Packages

  Plan Rate Amount Tax Validity Total Inc. Tax Pay Now
  5,000 SMS 0.23 1150/- 207/- 3 Month 1357/- Pay Now
  10,000 SMS 0.21 210/- 378/- 3 Month 2478/- Pay Now
  25,000 SMS 0.19 4750/- 855/- 6 Month 5605/- Pay Now
  50,000 SMS 0.17 8500/- 1530/- 1 Year 10030- Pay Now
  1 Lac SMS 0.15 15000/- 2700/- 1 Year 17700- Pay Now
  3 Lac SMS 0.13 39000/- 7020/- 1 Year 46020- Pay Now
  5 Lac SMS 0.12 60000/- 10800/- 1 Year 70800- Pay Now


Frequently Asked Questions

About Bulk SMS Marketing


While you send offer discounts text to customers that means promotional sms.

Transactional SMS is a non-marketing text that send to complete specified action.

0.14 Paisa Per SMS. It is the best price

0.13 Paisa Per SMS. It is the best price.

Its very simple with Skyline SMS, Just sign up and get free 50 sms.

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